Lawn Treatments Somerset
Lawns that will leave your neighbours jealous

Professional lawn treatment service covering Wells, Cheddar, Glastonbury & the surrounding towns & villages in Somerset.

Lawn Treatments

Lawn Scarifying & Aerating

Lawns, overtime can become prone to thatch and moss, this prevents nutrients penetrating into the ground and if not treated can kill of healthy grass. Scarifying lawns removes all surface build-up such as moss and thatch leaving you with a strong & healthy lawn.

Aerating your lawn by drilling small holes into the soil allows for stronger & deeper root growth as well as reducing soil compaction, this helps nutrients pass into the ground more freely, leaving you with a stronger & more vigorous lawn.

We CAN remove waste generated as part of the service.
Lawn Scarifying & Aerating
  • Remove moss & thatch build-up
  • Nutrients penetrate into the ground
  • Stronger, deeper root growth
  • Strong, healthy & vigorous lawn
Lawn Care Treatment
  • Weed & pest free lawns
  • Lush green, strong & healthy
  • Safe for pet’s & chilidren

Weeds & Chemical Treatments

We work very closely with a specialist lawn treatment company as its a very in-depth industry and requires years of experience & knowledge. We are proud to be able to offer recommendations for services such as chemical treatment for weeds and moss.

They can also provide treatments such as feeding and lawn building treatments giving you a strong rejuvenated weed-free lawn that will be sure to make your neighbours jealous!