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Garden Walling

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Garden Walling services

West Hill Gardens and Landscape can build your Garden Walls too, whether you want a decorative feature wall or you need a structural wall such as a retaining wall or boundary walls. There are lots of different types of materials that can be used, for example, Natural Stone Walling that has a weathered look is perfect for traditional gardens or cottage-style spaces but there are other smooth natural stones that work well in a modern garden. Bradstone Walling is another option. It’s high-performance, low maintenance and has a wonderful, weathered texture that always looks good. Alternatively, a Timber Sleeper Walling is a cheaper option and is an excellent way of achieving varying heights in different places and making your wall more of a feature.

Draycott Natural Stone Walling
Natural Stone Walling

Natural Stone Walling

Available in a wide range of styles, this type of walling can be modern or traditional depending on the stone finish. Choose something smooth and sleek for a contemporary outdoor space but if you have a rambling garden bursting with colour and lots of different types of plants, you might prefer the more weathered version. Speak to West Hill Garden & Landscaping Services for Garden Wall advice.

Bradstone Walling

Bradstone Walling

For something that will last a lifetime, Bradstone Walling is a great choice. It’s low maintenance too and comes with a superb finish that creates an atmospheric space and really draws the eye.

Timber Sleeper Wall

Sleeper Walling

Another option to stone walls is Timber Sleeper Walling. Made out of timber, these types of walls are excellent for creating something really visual, for example, a curved wall area. They’re also excellent if you want height variation and can be stained in a colour to complement your outdoor décor.

Timber Sleeper walls can also be a good low cost solution for retaining walls when used in conjunction with steel channels for support.