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Fencing to enhance your garden into a beautiful outdoor living area

Quality garden fencing

Give your garden and outdoor space boundaries the perfect finish with a selection of different type of fencing. Whether you want a modern screen look, traditional panels or something contemporary, let West Hill Gardens and Landscaping services take care of your fencing needs.

Fencing not only provides boundaries and privacy, separating yourself from neighbouring properties, when it is fitted properly and finished with the right treatment, it can really be fabulously appealing. As an example, modern screens are exquisite and many fences can be stained a colour to co-ordinate with your décor scheme.

Garden Fencing
Featheredge Fencing

Featheredge Fencing

This popular favourite fencing style is the choice of hundreds of thousands of UK homeowners because it looks good. As it’s a “solid” fence, it provides great privacy where you need it most. Called Featheredge, it is made out of overlapping timber panels and has a feathery look at the top and is fitted with concrete or wooden posts. Strong and sturdy, we recommend Featheredge Fencing for contemporary or traditional homes as it will never date. Our Featheredge Fencing is always made from the best possible timber for your peace of mind.

Panel Fencing

Panel Fencing

There are lots of different types of Panel Fencing so you can choose something to work with your home, whether it’s very modern or classical. A classic design would be the Palisade or the Jaktop (which features criss-crossing), interwoven, slatted or tongue and groove fencing – always a popular choice. Alternatively, if you want something modern, we recommend a woven fence panel or a Venetian style. Panel Fencing can be vertical or horizontal, depending on the look you want to achieve and it can be stained in virtually any wood colour you want, to blend in with your outdoor space. We only use the highest quality Panel Fencing, guaranteed to last for many years.

Oak Fence Panels

Oak Panel Fencing

For a fence that turns heads, choose Oak Panel Fencing. Not only is it really aesthetically pleasing, it will last for many years. Our Oak Panel Fencing is made from the highest quality sustainable wood. It can be stained in any colour, or why not let us treat it so its natural beauty is the main feature.

Framed Willow Fence Panel

Willow and Hazel Screens

Very popular with traditional and cottage style gardens, you’ll find a Willow or Hazel Screen an attractive way of adding boundaries to your outdoor space as well as providing a good level of privacy. Made from coppice and hazel, they’re a thoroughly eco-friendly option however, they tend to last less time than wooden fencing, up to 10 years, depending on the weather. You can stain this type of fencing but lots of people like the natural, weathered look that appears with time. Many people like to add climbers to their Willow and Hazel Screens and these types of fences act as a good structure for growing hedges.