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A popular alternative to stone patios, decking can look absolutely incredible when it is designed and laid correctly.

In the past, decking materials haven’t been durable enough to cope with the British weather and therefore only had a short life-span. However, today’s newer materials, including composite Millboard decking, means that a decking looks superb for years on end. It won’t rot or attract moss and neither will it fade.

You can also add garden lighting to highlight it at night. When you choose West Hill Gardens and Landscapes to design and install your decking, you get a truly breathtaking deck that will turn heads. Of course, if you prefer, there are lots of timber decking options to choose from and well-maintained timber can last for many years, as long as it is treated with care.

MillBoard Deck
MillBoard Decking

Millboard Decking

If you want decking that lasts for years and years, is low-maintenance and won’t rot or attract moss, then Millboard Decking is ideal for your outdoor space. Not only does it look sensational, it is especially designed to work with the British weather, so stands the test of time. This wood-free decking is a composite, while it looks like real wood it’s actually made out of resin and mineral stone plus it is slip and stain-resistant so perfect for family use.

Millboard Decking comes in a variety of wood-look colours to blend in with your outdoor décor scheme and it’s generally less pricey than patio stone, yet it’s always of high quality. We recommend Millboard Decking over any other type of composite or timber decking.

Timber Decking

Timber Decking

Traditional Timber Decking always looks beautiful when it’s laid but it does need more upkeep than composite decking. However, it is less expensive and if you have a strict budget, it should work well for you. Do remember that Timber Decking does need upkeep, it must be well-looked after for it to continue to perform and it needs to be treated so it resists algae and mould.

Timber Decking can be stained in a variety of colours, so it’s a great way of matching up your décor scheme, and bringing the outdoors in. Timber Decking won’t last as long as composite Millboard Decking or patio stone but if you do take care of it, it should serve you well for years to come.

We can provide treated and untreated Timber Decking and lay it to precision, even adding extra features such as decking lighting to further enhance your outdoor space.