It's a jungle out there, don't despair!

Professional garden tidy service covering Wells, Cheddar, Glastonbury & the surrounding towns & villages in Somerset.

Garden Tidy Service

Professional Garden Tidy Service

  • One off “holiday cut” service
  • Grass clippings recycling/removal
  • Mulching service (see below)
  • Reliable & professional service using commercial grade mowers
  • Strimming & edging
  • From small lawns to large orchards & paddocks
  • Domestic & commercial service
  • Scarifying & Aerating (see lawn treatments)
Grass Mulching
  • Help’s reduce thatch
  • Fertilizes for strong healthy lawn
  • Recycle grass clipings

Grass Mulching

Mulching your grass cuttings every now and then is a great way to add nutrients back to the ground, giving you a healthy looking lawn. Special mulching mowers have the ability to “mulch” the grass clippings by cutting and re-cutting into fine sections allowing the grass to decompose quickly into the ground, with-out leaving an unsightly looking lawn.

Mulching is best achieved when the grass is not very long as mulching long grass can cause thatch build up. However mulching grass every other cut on shorter grass can help reduce thatch from the recycled clippings as the micro-organisms from decomposing grass helps to break down thatch, whilst at the same time fertilizes the ground giving your lawn a stronger healthier root system.