Unfortunately is not great news! As the Coronavirus continues to spread we are keeping a close eye on the latest developments and government advice. There is still an air of uncertainty as to whether tradespeople that work outside, can continue to work or not!


Rest assured we are doing our very utmost to try and find a solution that works for not only our business but more importantly our staff & customers! There is talk from non-political leaders that in fact working outside in an isolated condition might be acceptable, however until we have this confirmed, by an authority, we simply cannot take any chance as we would not want to be helping to spread the risk of the virus!

This is the million-pound question! We fully understand, since talking to a lot of our customers over the last couple of days, that there is a high level of frustration as the weather is finally on the turn.


Amanda has been working tirelessly talking to government services such as local MP’s, Public Health England and local authorities. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer, and we are hoping that over the coming days there will be an announcement that will address some of the questions and shed some light on who can work and under what conditions. Until then, its a case of sitting tight!

We are still very much operational in admin and customer services as we are able to work from home and self-isolate, as per the government's instructions.

You can still contact us via phone, & email for any queries you may have, also we are still receiving quote requests and job updates as normal, however, there will be a slight delay on-site visits. We hope this helps to ease any concerns that you may have had regarding any future visits.


Office: 01749 321 123 Email: [email protected]


We would just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your understanding and cooperation from everyone at West Hill Garden & Landscaping Services Ltd - WE WILL BEAT THIS! KEEP SAFE